Oil Products
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    Jet Fuel

    Jet fuel is a kind of petroleum products, another name odorless kerosene. It is composed by hydrocarbon compounds of different fractions. Jet fuel can be used for gas turbine engine and stovepipe jet.
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    Diesel is a kind of light petroleum products, mixture of complex hydrocarbon (10-22 carbons). There are two kinds of diesel, one is light diesel oil ( boiling range from 180℃-370℃) and heavy diesel oil ( boiling range from 350℃-410℃). It is widely used in large vehicle, locomotive, vessel.
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    The product is named as gasoline in America and petrol in UK, and it’s a kind of transparent and flammable liquid. Its boiling range is from 30℃ to 220℃, and its main ingredients are C5-C12 aliphatic hydrocarbon and naphthenic hydrocarbon and other aromatic hydrocarbon. Gasoline has higher octane value (anti-knock combustion performance), and it can be divided into different kinds as No. 90, No. 93, No. 95, No. 97, etc. accroding to octane value. It is mainly used as fuel of automobile ignition type internal combustion engine.